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January 16, 2018by tavoosgarden0

Since our launch in December 2017, we have quickly become the most talked about Yoga & Wellness center in Siem Reap.  We have spent years in this town observing the trends and realizing what the needs are when it comes to quality Yoga and wellness classes.

We have designed the most affordable Yoga & Wellness retreat package in Siem Reap which offers more than what any other facility dares to offer.  We have designed our business model to not take advantage of those seeking quality retreats, but to work with them in order to provide them with top quality programs.  As our motto is that: Wellness is a basic human right, not a privilege to only those who can afford it.

Our Yoga & Wellness retreat packages offer daily Yoga classes, Medical Qigong, Nia Dance classes, visit to a monastery where guests get to meditate with a buddhist Monk followed by a blessing ceremony.   Daily personalized healthy meal plans, a visit to a beautiful Spa, meditation in the lotus fields, cooking class in the countryside, daily massage and more.

Our goal is to make sure that our retreat guests experience more than they pay for.  Our Yoga & Wellness Retreat packages are already being resold by several respectable and award winning hotels in Siem Reap such as Bloom Garden, Golden Gecko, Green Leaf Boutique Hotel, Advaya Residence, Le Tigre, Day Day Inn, Maison Damnak Hotel and Mey Mey Da.  With many more hotels to follow soon.

Guests staying at any of these respectable hotel partners or any of our future partners will be picked up daily and brough to Tavoos Garden to attend our programs.  Guests who are in Siem Reap for a few days are able to purchase 3 Day, 4 Day, 5 Day or 6 Day Retreat packages. Those in town for a short period of time alternatively can attend our 1 Day Recharge Retreat Program which for a small price of $60 will give them access to Yoga, Medical Qigong or Nia, 3 healthy meals, Massage, Detox Juice and more.  In Siem Reap attending a quality spa session for 90 minutes is almost $100.  So attending a full day Yoga & Wellness Retreat package for $60 is something which all visitors in town must do.

Our programs are designed for everyone, including families.  Family activities in Siem Reap typically include excursions, but rarely health based activities.  Our instructors love it when children attend classes with their parents and start learning about wellness at a young age.

What makes us unique is our attention to detail when it comes to food.  We have worked very hard to build a balanced menu which caters to Vegetarians, Vegans and anyone with any other food restrictions.  We have trained our staff to understand all dietary restrictions to make sure all guests are fed properly and safely.  This is yet another reason why we are unique.  No other retreat center in Siem Reap offers all meals included in the package.  

From now on, when visitors search online for “Yoga in Siem Reap” or “Retreats in Siem Reap” Tavoos Garden & Wellness center will be at the top of their search results.

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